Seeing Scarlet

Posted by Jac Slaney on

In June, North Norfolk is particularly blessed with wide ribbons of scarlet poppies. The flashes of red shout loudly amongst other more timid wild flowers. The meadows appear to dance in the breeze each flower pirouetting on the beat. 

Red is a colour not normally associated with Utopia, but at this time of year, living in North Norfolk, one cannot but wonder at its enchantment.  It started with a view of three scarlet fields at the gateway to Creake Abbey, followed by a surprise sight of another glorious poppy meadow on our journey to Wiveton Hall to pick strawberries.

The lush crop of succulent fruit beckoned us in to devour its abundance. Gathering strawberries for jam making feels a real treat on a sunny day in Norfolk – bend, forage, find and basket, repeat, bend, forage, find and basket - gathers a slow momentum. Seduced by the all-pervading sweet heart fragrance, the basket fills itself easily.

The heady aroma transports to the kitchen where jam pan and boiling fruit meld before warmed jars. Apron once green now splashed and scrumbled with red sticky handprints and sweet smiles of endless setting tests. Labelled pots of red goodness parade in the store cupboard – North Norfolk delights abound.


For red lovers we have an exotic design of rich red hues, Pheasant Fancy is one our exclusive limited edition lamp shades, and it’s illumination creates a warming glow.

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