Feather Boa - Limited Edition Lampshades Featuring Feathers Feather Boa - Limited Edition Lampshades Featuring Feathers Feather Boa - Limited Edition Lampshades Featuring Feathers
Feather Boa - Limited Edition Lampshades Featuring Feathers Feather Boa - Limited Edition Lampshades Featuring Feathers Feather Boa - Limited Edition Lampshades Featuring Feathers

Feather Boa - Limited Edition Lampshades Featuring Feathers


Utopia's unique Feather Boa features a cascade of brown and grey feathers - neutral shade.

Literati Collection: Feather Boa

This sophisticated design features a drift of delicate feathers falling through the air. Enhancing the natural palette is the pale taupe linen edging ribbon. This shade looks great as interest in a neutral colour scheme without making a loud statement. The lampshade is a signed design by artist Jac Scott and is made by hand in Britain by professional manufacturers with over 25 years experience.

It is our innovative designs that are designed in the round, and our attention to detail, that makes Utopia's lampshades so special.
Only 100 shades are created from this design.

Shade shapes and sizes available in this design: empire, round & oval drums and fez.

Empire shades

The empire shape is a timeless elegant cone shade with steep sloping sides - great for focusing the majority of light beneath the shade. 

Height 16cm, 20cm base diameter x 10cm top diameter - price £35
Height 16cm, 26cm base diameter x 13cm top diameter - price £45 
Height 20cm, 30cm base diameter x 15cm top diameter - price £60 
Height 23cm, 36cm base diameter x 23cm top diameter - price £70 
Height 27cm, 41cm base diameter x 20cm top diameter - price £85
Height 30cm, 46cm base diameter x 23cm top diameter - price £100
Height 33cm, 51cm base diameter x 25.5cm top diameter - price £115

Circular drum shades  

Drums are a good all-rounder contemporary shape that works on everything. Drums have parallel sides and offer a wide expanse of light top and bottom.

Height 20cm x 20cm diameter - price £50
Height 21cm x 30cm diameter - price £80
Height 40cm x 46cm diameter - price £135

Oval drum shades

A stylish contemporary shade with parallel sides, offering a slim form that works well when a narrow depth is important.

Height 21cm x width 31cm - price £75
Height 25cm x width 41cm - price £110

Fez shades

The fez is traditional shape - great for adding height. The fez differs from the empire shape as the sides slope less sharply and the ratio of top and base diameter is smaller.

Height 30cm, 25cm base diameter x 18cm top diameter - price £65
Height 30cm, 30cm base diameter x 20cm top diameter - price £80
Height 38cm, 36cm base diameter x 23cm top diameter - price £95
Height 39cm, 41cm base diameter x 28cm top diameter - price £110
Height 46cm, 46cm base diameter x 31cm top diameter - price £125
Height 53cm, 51cm base diameter x 33cm top diameter - price £145

Literati Collection

The Literati Collection captures pages of poems and prose from antique copies of classic books - embraced by historical statues or adorned with symbolic objects, a thought provoking narrative is captured.

Our unique lampshades are exclusive to Utopia – each designed and beautifully crafted in Britain. It is our innovative designs and attention to detail (we match up the design at the join, so there is no back and front to our shades) that makes Utopia's lampshades so special. There are 18 shapes and sizes to choose from here, but if you can’t find what you need, please email us and we will see if we can help.

Please note that the shades are made to order and may take 15-20 working days from receipt of payment.

Creating our wonderful lampshades – the narrative behind the story
Our Creative Director, artist Jac Scott, always has a camera with her to record those moments of wonder that serve as inspiration for her designs. Her photographs form the foundation of the shade designs, created using digital photo-collage and drawing techniques that build multi-layered images with distinctive features. This contemporary drawing technique maintains the hand of the artist through the digital pen and tablet.
Each design captures an original visual story with elements unfolding from every angle – expect the unexpected: for example in the bird collages: coffee beans, fossils, buttered toast, sandstone, cityscapes, plants and flowers can be found in the plumage. The designs are made into lampshades by professional shade makers with over twenty years experience – the designs are digitally printed on parchment to create a subtly translucent effect that enriches the design elements. Each shade is then finished with a fabric edging ribbon – often contrasting to add a dynamic accent.

Exclusive, limited-edition (100 ) British made lampshades in contemporary designs.

Lampshade specifications

  • British professional manufacturers with over 25 years experience make all our shades.

  •  Only 100 shades are created from each design regardless of shape.

  • Every design includes the designer’s signature.

  • All designs are available in lamp or pendant fitting.

  • Each shade carries a bulb wattage recommendation label as standard.

  • All lampshades comply with BS EN 60598-2-2:2012 - the British Standard for Luminaries. All shades have passed the glow-wire test and are made from fire-retardant materials.

  • Each shade is wrapped in protective, clear cellophane and includes a trademark Utopia wooden label.

    Other shade configurations, to those listed, can be arranged through placing a special order.

    Please note that the colours on our products are reproduced here as accurately as possible, however, as with all photography, printing and online screens, there may be some small variations.

    Utopia charges a flat rate of £10 for all deliveries in the UK mainland. If purchasing from outside the UK please contact us for a shipping quote.

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