U Collection: Timeless Lamp (2) U Collection: Timeless Lamp (2) U Collection: Timeless Lamp (2)
U Collection: Timeless Lamp (2) U Collection: Timeless Lamp (2) U Collection: Timeless Lamp (2)

U Collection: Timeless Lamp (2)


U Collection: Timeless Lamp (2)


In the nineteen forties the advance of the application of plywood lead to the employment of this flexible material in designs for the home. Mantle clocks became popular during this period - here is a prime example where oak veneer ply has been carefully steam bent into a curvaceous shape with carved beading and flourishes on the front.  The clock was made by Junghans Wurttemberg, Germany, The casing has an arched door at the back and stands on a wooden plinth. The original brass door on the front, without glass, has been retained to add an attractive accent. Utopia have transformed this redundant casing into a unique table lamp.

The condition of the casing is very good, the clock has obviously been used, commensurate with its age, but stylishly attractive.

Dimensions width 44cm, height 24cm, depth 15cm

The table lamp has been created with aged brass bayonet lamp (bulb) holder, around 2 metres of retro-style twisted mid-brown cable, a black inline switch and a black plug. The cable exits discreetly from the back.

We recommend using an LED filament with this lamp as they use little energy and stay cool.

Utopia's Unexpected Lights

All Utopia's lights are unique and are handmade in our studios in North Norfolk from interesting antiques and finds. They each tell a narrative and enjoy close inspection to reveal strong craftsmanship and hidden layers of interest and wonder. 

Creating our distinctive lights – the narrative behind the story
Reclaimed elegance – the artefacts that Utopia sources for its lights are deliciously old, usually antique, sometimes vintage, and this ‘narrative’ is reflected in their character, patina and form – Utopia celebrates the knocks, chips, and scratches of their stories. The inspired selection of the original object and the process it goes through to make it covetable and unique is what makes our products special – every lamp is a one-off.

Peace of Mind
Enjoy the aesthetics of top quality heritage styling: traditional twisted fabric cable, aged metal fittings, retro-style chains and historical Bakelite plugs, whilst having the peace of mind that your light is safe, having been completely wired/rewired by experts using modern fittings.

Utopia charges a flat rate of £10 for all deliveries.


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