Catch Up with Bob - a sculpture exhibition June 2021

Posted by Jac Slaney on

We are delighted to announce our first visiting artist exhibition of Norfolk sculptor Bob Catchpole.

Bob's sculptures present a dichotomy: both humorous yet thought provoking, these pieces intrigue. The works are highly tactile and well crafted, demanding to be touched. 


Artist's Statement 2021                              

Bob Catchpole harnesses the agricultural tool as a metaphor for man's relationship with landscape and buildings, attempting to explore the historic and contemporary link between the land and the built environment. His work uses farm tools that have helped to reconstruct the landscape of Norfolk whilst also celebrating the rich variety and sophistication of the tools needed to work the land.  The sculptures undermine our preconceptions about the nature of function and the man-made world we inhabit. The tools become surreal objects, at once humorous and mysterious. 

Exhibition 28 May to 28 June 2021

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