Tulips from Amsterdam

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Since the 17th century tulips have been a popular flower with their wonderful palette of hues and wide variety of shapes. Today, tulips are readily available and reliable to provide a burst of saturated colour on demand. The flowers originated from the Ottoman Empire and were circulated around Europe in 1500s growing in fashion until their peak in the early 1600s in The Netherlands when an era named Tulip Mania erupted. Then tulips were regarded as an exotic luxury associated with good taste and learning by the wealthy Dutch merchant classes.




During the Dutch Golden Age in 17th century,  the flowers were so fashionable that they were traded for extortionate amounts and featured in classic paintings as voluptuous blooms.  The tulips were hard to cultivate with the desired stripe (which much later was discovered to be caused by a virus) hence demand grew leading to bulbs commanding high prices.


Dutch master by Michiel Jansz van Mierevelt  


Tulip Mania is a new floral lamp shade design by Jac Scott featuring bunches of tulips in a painterly style, with a nod to this period in Dutch history. The range is available in various colour palettes: salmon, blue, red and purple with tints and tones blending throughout the design. On our website the designs are available with a clear lining, whilst at the gallery you can also have the choice of a coloured lining at a small extra cost. The clear designs have a dreamy quality when lit, whilst the lined option presents more of a saturated palette.


 Tulip Mania: SALMON design in 30cm drum



.  Tulip Mania: BLUE design in 20cm drum



. Tulip Mania: RED empire shade



.  Tulip Mania: PURPLE oval drum shade


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