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Art has been at the heart of my life since the early years. At the age of two I was making my own designs from various materials.  As I grew older I recognised that art was my backbone.  I feel blessed that I discovered this, since it has been my solace and salvation through the ups and downs of life.


I have been a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors for many years now and continue to support this excellent institution. But making sculpture is all consuming and not something that can be slotted in easily to a busy day.  Sadly I realised that when I created Utopia ten years ago it meant that I would have to let go of my sculpture practice.


Drawing and painting have always informed my three-dimensional work, so further developing that foundation seemed a logical step.  I am eternally grateful that my style of painting and drawing is something that other people enjoy enough to have in their homes and businesses. Thank you to all the thousands of people from all over the world that have purchased my pieces.


Back to sculpture: I have a thriving gallery business underpinned with my own creations and when Mick retired from making lighting from antiques last December, I saw an opportunity for sculpture to reenter. Hence, Utopia now aims to become a beacon of sculptural excellence with a curated programme of monthly exhibitions showcasing a range of sculptors and their responses to the world. Each month we will celebrate at least one artist and their practice. The work will be diverse and engaging, well crafted and made with a narrative. You won't like all of it, but that's the beauty of art.


I aim to keep the pricing accessible for most people, just as I do for my own artwork, so everyone can enjoy art in their homes.  This pricing policy has underpinned the philosophy at Utopia from inception. As always the work will be ready to be taken away on purchase - which I know is something clients really appreciate. Commissions will also be possible from most artists.

 A major announcement in support of our new focus, is that the celebrated wildlife sculptor David Cooke has agreed to exhibit his wonderful pieces on a permanent basis. This is such an exciting time and David's work has been so well received.   He welcomes commissions, so if you have a particular animal in mind, then do get in touch.  Here's a small selection of some of his sculptures which are made of stoneware and can be displayed inside or outside - yes they are frost proof.

>> Click to view & buy here in our online shop <<


It's an exciting time ahead and I hope you enjoy the journey with us.

Jac Scott

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