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It is always a pleasure when a client decides to commission a painting.  I have spent 40 years of working to commission and enjoy deciphering what is really desired. The subject is of course very important and the style of execution too. Knowing the location in a room always helps, so we can discuss the light and size of the potential work.

 BELOW: The Best of Days painting commission for Ms. W

Commissions vary widely in size and content - a recent one was quite specific, so I was delighted when the client emailed this to me,

"It's beautiful. I love the light on the horizon and the movement in the waves - you have captured exactly what I wanted but was having difficulty articulating."


It is important to have a simple agreement drawn up to make the process straightforward and transparent.


The basic commissioning process

1. We agree a brief, cost and timeline.

2. A non-returnable deposit is required to schedule the work.

3. The canvas and materials are ordered.

4. The painting is researched and executed.

5. The finished work is shown to you for feedback BEFORE it is framed. Any alterations are made. The painting or photo of the revised final picture is shown to you.

6. The picture is then framed. On completion you will be notified and asked to collect it from the gallery and to settle the balance.


 BELOW: Rain Dance 2 commission for Mr & Mrs D.


If you would like to discuss commissioning a piece of art

then please get in touch.

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