NEW Collection - Fields of Wonder

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Fields of Wonder


This new collection was created as an exhibition to be launched as part of Holt's Arts Festival 2023. 


Exhibition dates 26 July - 26 August 2023
at Utopia: The Unexpected Gallery
33 High Street, Holt NR25 6BN
Tel. 01263 711000
Open Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
Fields of Wonder celebrates the beautiful meadows and fields of the Norfolk landscape in lush impasto paint.


BELOW: Inspiration - the wild poppy meadow discovered at Walsingham


BELOW: Inspiration - the wild meadow discovered at Fulmodeston


BELOW: Inspiration - the wild meadow discovered at Swanton Novers

In the spirit of John Clare,
"I found the poems in the fields and only wrote them down."
Scott's paintings are evocative of the essence of landscape. 


BELOW: Inspiration - the wild meadow discovered at Fulmodeston


BELOW: Inspiration - the meadow discovered at Fakenham


Scott's aim is to create a painting that is almost a joyful meditation on a piece of land. For this she researches in the field, making preparatory studies, wordscapes and taking photographs.  A low perspective emerges from the submersion, creating purposefully limited sight lines and a narrow focus. This concentration enhances the caress of the plants and their sway in the breeze.

by Charles Tennyson

It is the fairest sight in Nature’s realms,
To see on summer morning, dewy-sweet,
That very type of freshness, the green wheat,
Surging thro’ shadows of the hedgerow elms;
How the eye revels in the many shapes
And colours which the risen day restores!
How the wind blows the poppy’s scarlet capes
About his urn ! and how the lark upsoars!
Not like the timid corn- craik scudding fast
From his own voice, he with him takes his song
Heavenward, then, striking sideways, shoots along,
Happy as sailor boy that, from the mast,
Runs out upon the yard -arm , till at last
He sinks into his nest, those clover tufts among.


BELOW: Inspiration - the wild meadow discovered at Walsingham

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