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Mick doesn’t like cushions. We only have 3! I have to fight to get a cushion in our home - the joy of two designers living together and curating a home together.

So when I design a cushion it has to be special, not just a little bit but full blown special, so that it earns its place in our home or our gallery. Every aspect is considered, every detail scrutinised and analysed for what it brings to the design - the same as for our lighting and furniture. 

So for the Raw Luxe Collection expect sumptuous cushions in antique and vintage fabrics, beautifully made by our professional seamstress, with a strong attention to detail.

Each cushion has our branded vegan leather label plus a washing instruction label inside. A British-made, hollow fibre cushion pad (filing complies with BS 5852 part 2) is included in the price.


Each of our cushions are unique designs making them worthy style contributors to your ever evolving home.

By the way they’re also great for snuggling up to.


Expect to discover a range of antique textiles including handwoven linens from France, fine English embroideries and cut work plus vintage cotton velvets. 

French Antique Linen

The frugal living conditions of the French peasants meant that many wove cloth on narrow looms in their own homes. These highly covetable cloths were often made into sheets with a join down the middle. Hemp was relatively easy to grow and turn into fibre, making it an obvious choice for country folk with little means. These antique linens are usually rough with a slub texture and have a variance in the tightness of the weave. 

Repeated washing will help break down the fibres to create a softer cloth and laundering also changes the dark beige colour to a softer creamy white.

Raw Luxe Collection

Our Raw Luxe products specialise in creating contemporary atmospheric interiors that exude a faded grandeur.   The Collection celebrates the tactile and sensuous qualities of old fabrics with their natural imperfections and worn narratives. We source antique and vintage textiles that capture a palpable sense of history in their weave and drape, then mix them to create new interfaces for interior accessories - thus making enduring and unique style statements.

All the creations in the Raw Luxe Collection are one-offs, we may be able to find and make something similar that happily partners another, but none will be exactly the same.


Each cushion is created from softly faded, vintage velvet that has been utopiaised to create an individual pattern on the front face. The velvet is 'framed' with a flange of French antique linen. The reverse is made of the same antique fabric with a deep envelope to contain the cushion pad.




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