Launch of Fluid Lands: original oil & wax paintings by Jac Scott

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Fluid Lands

The revelation of the panoramic beauty of landscape leads to a big explosion of broad strokes of emotion and energy captured in paint.

All artworks in this collection are originals by Jac Scott.

Utopia do not create prints from these paintings.


Encaustic Art

The ancient method of encaustic art was practiced by the Greeks and Egyptians with 2000 year old examples still in existence. Wax and pigments are fused with heat which dries quickly capturing brush strokes, drips and textures. Encaustic art is an all consuming very physical practice.  One is seduced by the process of not just applying paint with a brush, palette knife or hands but also the harnessing of heat to energise materials and move the liquids around. The fluidity of the process allows the materials to mix and metamorphose.




Artist’s Inspiration

The collection is a narrative from the Covid-19 lockdown where the staying home mantra led to a visceral response in oil paint and wax, to places long remembered.  No longer able to embrace the wide vistas of the Norfolk sea and land scapes, that the artist’s spirit yearned to revisit, she decided to indulge in some highly emotive abstracted work that would kindle a long repressed flame. 




Storm Collection
Engineering oil pigments and wax to echo the dramatic surge of the storm when sky, sea and sand all merge into one mass of energy. 


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