Cutting Edge in the Big Wild Sky

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When Michael and I first saw Cindy Lee Wright's sculptures at the Cley Wildlife Centre we were mesmerised by the linear drawing quality of the pieces. It was as if she had drawn them in the air, creating animals and birds with a sensitivity not often found in this style of work. It was easy to imagine a visual dialogue with my drawings - a counter play of materials yet a meaningful conversation. The marks of ink contrasting dynamically with the pierced steel.

Materials Matter

The laser cut sculptures are clearly defined making identification of the subject a joy. Whilst the careful selection of wooden mounts and bases enhance the subject in a considered manner. Cindy also selects the finish of the steel, polished, rusted or flamed, to add another layer of interest. 



The sculptures can be situated inside or out making endless exciting possibilities for locations. Against a sunlit wall the shadows of the sculptures echo the graphic. Placed amidst a garden the plants form a natural backdrop but also a moving infill. Inside, the skeletal forms can create complicated windows through which to peer. When lit the tracery forms a ghostly doppelgänger to admire.


Big Wild Sky

Norfolk is a place of big skies and beautiful wildlife. Norfolk artist, Cindy Lee Wright, writes about her passion for the local wildlife as a constant inspiration. 

"I am so lucky to live on a marsh bordering the Norfolk Broads with so much wildlife for inspiration; the barn owls, the nesting herons, the cries of passing curlews. I hope these steel pieces help to bring a sense of the beauty of the wild that we are privileged to live alongside in this county." Cindy Lee Wright

We are honoured to have Cindy as a guest artist throughout November and look forward to creating a stunning exhibition of her wonderful work.

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